candy for yo eyeris’

as with anything…ask before you use these..and if you’d like a print of anything you see on’ll be like 3 bucks for decent quality & free shipping…LOVE


larrytown brightsky


damn chair rain pool


dryrot icerot

la cigam

rusty wellbeing



Elf spirit Necklaces


petrified and polished wood, porcelain, hemp

rasta rock

picture jasper, wood, glass, cats eye, hemp

kyanite, jade, wood, cats eye, glass, hemp

jade, glass, hemp

speeecial raku pendant ; wishbone

closeup on the pendant above

another uber special raku penant

jells & sasper

bluegold rustcity shellfinding

raku magic love bead supreme

gettin that close up

monkeyman amethest keeper

trifold tibetan quartz...carbon&irontrap

 a small taste of what i’ve got (photos of) and what’s to come

Ear enchantment

What do you get when you put a metal pot on your head and hit it with a hammer?




carbon trap quartz


black horn coral

minglewood blues




picasso moon




riverside rhapsody

sally treasure

cassidy sunshine

FYI;; any numbers you see on tags are not prices…just some sort of numerical organization so i know what sells and what i have. everything is always up for trade/barter, but monetarily speaking..earrings are 15 a pair or two for 25. i do custom orders! email if you have any questions regarding materials used.  i’ll be adding more as i collect photos for what i’ve got..and for the things that sell..i can recreate anything, however i won’t do it exact. (unless you REALLY want me to).   i don’t typically like to make the same thing twice. even my sets of earrings aren’t perfectly duplicated for left and rights.  i figure..your actual ears don’t match each other…that’s just the beauty of nature. so really, why should earrings be exactly the same? i think that kind of goes against the grain of what i’m trying to do..but like i said, if you absolutely need something you see in here exactly like the picture..i will do it for you.

i hope you enjoy! SO MUCH LOVE!!

this one’s for you, daddio

GRITOS!…. fellow life wanderers!..leah & steve here.
consider this our first blog ever…sooo tech savvy, we know.

HOWEVER! we shall woo ya’ll with the creations of our minds, hands & souls and you shall be forever changed having encountered such wonderful things! we’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now, just been computer lazy. the time has come to make our daddies infinity..AND BEYOND!

gittem spaced cowboy.

hammock fibered relish
 reoccuring theme